BuyForFriend Pick Gift – Signup Page
(Buy for friend sales copy)

Part 1: Pick a Gift Membership:

  1. select a gift for a friend
  2. Fill in YOUR information for YOUR free day on (see YOUR 1 DAY BONUS specific steps below)
(Buy for friend gift options – currently only 1) 1-DAY 49.95 /MONTH For Friend

Part 2: Finalize Gift + Get a FREE DAY for YOU

(sales copy free 1 day to nakedsword – OUR GIFT TO YOU: just for buying friend a membership
  1. select a gift for a friend (above)
    1. Your username and password + gift code will be autogenerated
    2. all we need is your email address (required to get gift code)
    3. 2x check your email – that email will contain your only copy of the gift code
    4. choose pay how you want on any of our secure partners (IS THIS CORRECT – or do we only use rocketgate)
    5. Hit Submit
    6. pay how you want using secure processing
    7. you will be sent to our approval page
    8. Check YOUR email for Gift Membership Code (for security cannot be revealed on approval page)
    9. SAVE this email to forward to a friend – or you must at least SAVE the gift code – it is the only copy
If you wish to purchase additional gifts – simply navigate back to the gift page (they have to be routed to the member page gift page? (if signed in / if not this non-member page?) ALL GIFTS MUST BE REDEEMED IN 45 DAYS from date of purchase.