1. faq / tos / privacy – getting variables into pages
  • I can see the {{siteName}} is being pulled from: updateSiteName.js
  • there was a translation.json file that had a number of variables on it – but that no longer seems to be part of the project – I have a list below with what is missing?
  • I updated:terms-of-service-blueprint.xml, frequently-asked-questions-blueprint.xml, privacy-policy-blueprint.xml – with the calls to the variables so hopefuly the missing vars can be re-added and it will populate: privacy-policy.xml, frequently-asked-questions.xml and terms-of-service.xml.

I created a component “ButtonMailtoLink” to handle the mailto: but it is not integrating with the xml –

Here is the variable list I am working off:

LIST:{{siteName}} – beta.trentonducati.com – on: updateSiteName.js

(I believe these were on translation.js – these are missing from the replacement list)

{{Site.ContactUs.PhoneNumber}} – U.S. (TOLL FREE) 888.207.4534

{{Site.ContactUs.PhoneNumber.International}} – INTERNATIONAL 980.505.8324

{{Site.ContactUs.EmailAddress}} – support@adultpaysitesupport.com

{{Site.ContactUs.EpochSupport}} – https://epoch.com/billingsupport

{{Site.MerchantIdentifier}} – NS Entertain 18004199287

{{Site.MerchantName}} – NS Entertainment

  1. Homepage content
  • how to update the results on the homepage to show
  • studio SPECIFIC
  1. Laying out banner sets



Sets In Gandolf:5-SpotPromo – setName=”promo” {!isUserLoggedIn() && } {!isUserLoggedIn() && <BannerSetView setName=”nonMemberPromoAffiliate”

Tour setName=”tour” Benefits Upsell Bottom Members – setName=”memberUpsellBottom”Featured Release

featured release (only memb / non-memb)

PAGE SPECIFIC:Featured Release Left setName=”featuredReleasesLeft” Featured Release Right setName=”featuredReleasesRight”

Exit Banner – setName=”exit”playlistsstarstagsstudiosoriginalsoriginals headerweekends (non-member + member)


setName=”5-spot” (nothing?)

{this.renderMoreOriginals()} {!isUserLoggedIn() && }

import { getUserFavorites, getUserLikes, getUserViewingHistory} from “../../../services/my-account-service/my-account.service”;import {getNatsUserPlaylist} from “../../../services/playlists-service/playlists.service”;import { getBenefitsBannerSet, getPlaylistsBannerSet} from “../../../services/banners-service/banners.service”;import BannerSetView from ‘../../../components/BannerSetView/BannerSetView’;

Weekends Non-Member – 122

Weekends – Member – 123

  1. Updating to fix Critical / High vulnerability warnings.
  • See attached Critical/High doc.
  1. Weekends Redirects in MainDashboard.js
  1. craco.config.js
  1. Player Stuff