WP2Static Overview Thanks for supporting Leon, who maintains this project and keeps it open source! Please find the latest stable installers for WP2Static below: WP2Static core 7.1.7 (MD5: 9935068259fe4d88487efb52fe5e9f6a) WP2Static Zip Deployment Addon 1.0.1 (MD5: 2328f9defa1780d834428eaa0897b20b) WP2Static Netlify Deployment Addon 1.0.1 (MD5: 99a7cff3261ff4dc346e87e4e74fb113) WP2Static S3 Deployment Addon 1.0 (MD5: 2cd94d0c5044dd237d003d0f1e2bb3dc) Currently uploading other add-ons’ latest builds.

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su_boxes – adding link to header Dynamically generate an anchor tag with JavaScript/jQuery 1. Using JavaScript In vanilla JavaScript, you can use the document.createElement() method, which programmatically creates the specified HTML element. The following example creates a new anchor tag with desired attributes and appends it to a div element using the Node.appendChild() method. JS document.getElementById('generate').onclick = function() { var

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CORS – Fixing Errors CORS error messages Firefox’s console displays messages in its console when requests fail due to CORS. Part of the error text is a “reason” message that provides added insight into what went wrong. The reason messages are listed below; click the message to open an article explaining the error in more detail and offering

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Sass Style Guide – CSS Tricks Use Your Regular CSS Formatting Rules / Style Guide This post is about Sass-specific stuff, but as a base to this, you should follow a whatever good CSS formatting guidelines you are already following. If you aren’t yet, this roundup of style guides may help you. This includes things like: Be consistant with indentation

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Styleguides – Major Sites

GitHub Google SASS CSS Idiomatic CSS Wizardry Smashing Magazine ThinkUP Wordpress Jonathan Snook’s Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

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Sass – Notes

Concatenating Selectors Together For concatenating selectors together when nesting, you need to use (&) to specify the parent selector. .class { margin:20px; &:hover { color:yellow; } } p { margin: 2em auto; > a { color: red; } &:before { content: “”; } &:after { content: “* * *”; } } Target elements inside an

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No Comments In Pages

if using editus – it screws with it’s ability to hide / ignore parts of the page. Got a response back from editus: Thank you for letting me know. I will look into it further. Here are workaround you can try. Add the following PHP code: (Either using a PHP code injection plugin or adding

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