Dev-Setup – Multiple Languages How to Set up an Apple Mac for Software Development December 23, 2020 devops, programming PAGE CONTENT Do This First!Configuring a User AccountConfiguring The TrackpadCreating a Private Applications FolderSecuring the Safari BrowserConfiguring SecurityBasic SettingsDisable SpotlightEnable File Vault NOWSet a Firmware PasswordSetting Up Time Machine BackupsSetting Up for DevelopmentGetting XcodeSetting Up HomebrewEnabling Auto Completion of […]

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Javascript – How To Code How To Code in JavaScript by Lisa Tagliaferri and Tania Rascia JavaScript is a high-level, object-based, dynamic scripting language popular as a tool for making webpages interactive. How To Use the JavaScript Developer Console June 27, 2017 This tutorial will go over how to work with the Console in JavaScript within the context of

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GGL – All Quickstarts | How To’s

QUICKSTARTS: Javascript QuickStart: CREATE PROJECT ENABLE API: CREATE CREDENTIALS: GITHUB: ADDITIONAL INFO::: CREATE AN ACCOUNT WITH DOMAIN WIDE CREDENTIALS: GGL Calendar In this document, continue with the documentation that corresponds to your app type: Create Web application credentials (client-side JavaScript). Use to this section for the JavaScript quickstart. Create Web

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Javascript Notes – One

List of declared keywords. Good basic steps to remember // 1. Declare variables and capture input. const adjective = prompt(“Give me a compliment”); console.log( adjective ); // 2. Combine the input with other words to create a story. const compliment = `<p>You are so right I am: ${adjective} just the so …</p>`; console.log( compliment );

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