Editus – FrontEnd Test

Code Test – wrap code block with div=”EditusIgnoreSave” (should be hidden/unchanged) var myObject = { property1: “something”, property2: 5, property3: true }; {{{{{{{{}}}}}}}} [[[[[[[[]]]]]]]] ((((((((((())))))))))) [ ] Code Test – wrap code block with div=”EditusReadOnly” (shown/changed) var myObject = { property1: “something”, property2: 5, property3: true }; {{{{{{{{}}}}}}}} [[[[[[[[]]]]]]]] ((((((((((())))))))))) [ ] Code Test no

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faq / tos / privacy – getting variables into pages I can see the {{siteName}} is being pulled from: updateSiteName.js there was a translation.json file that had a number of variables on it – but that no longer seems to be part of the project – I have a list below with what is missing?

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React Router Dom

Install react-router-dom using the following command npm install –save react-router-dom create a new file (MainRouter) in your project directory import { BrowserRouter, Route, Link } from "react-router-dom"; //import the package import SignIn from "../SignIn" //import your signIn page import SignUp from "../SignUp" //import your signUp page function MainRouter(){ return( <BrowserRouter> <div className="container"> <Switch> <Route path="/signIn"

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Components And Props

opy https://teamtreehouse.com/library/react-basics-2/introducing-props/components-and-props Components and Props An important detail to remember about props is that they are “read only” (or immutable), which means that a component can only read the props given to it, never change them. The (parent) component higher in the tree owns and controls the property values. For example, if you try to

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Arrow Functions – Ways To Write

Arrow Function Expression: all means same thing – Example One const Header = () => ( return ( <h1>scoreboard</h1> <span className=”stats”>Players: 1</span> </header> );} Simplified const Header = () => (<h1>scoreboard</h1><span className=”stats”>Players: 1</span></header>); Further simplified const Header = () => <h1>scoreboard</h1><span className=”stats”>Players: 1</span></header>

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React – Comments

Comments In React https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30766441/how-to-use-comments-in-react#comment103855263_30766542 Within the render method comments are allowed, but in order to use them within JSX, you have to wrap them in braces and use multi-line style comments. <div className=”dropdown”> {/* whenClicked is a property not an event, per se. */} <Button whenClicked={this.handleClick} className=”btn-default” title={this.props.title} subTitleClassName=”caret”></Button> <UnorderedList /></div> Copy You can read

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